At Home Treatment Plans

There is no need for office or clinic visits with this system. In fact with your consent, the scan can be done anytime of the day or night without you having to do anything special. Especially now, Remote Scanning is possibly the safest & most worry free.

The above image is a sample of the 253 observations provided; in this case for a woman. (235 observations for a man) The E-level refers to the overall energy (70% and above is optimum) of the tissue or organ. The KOD displays Cellular Energy (1.2 & above is optimum). Your individualized report will be reported in the same way. An additional report is also provided with the "Kotodamas" (Power of the Written Word) for all the Tissues/Organs individually sequenced by your KOD E-level. 

The Kotodamas are sequenced according to 8 categories going from Acute/Chronic - Low Overall Energy to Preventive Therapy - High Overall Energy.

Cellular Energy of Tissues/Organs Acute/Chronic High Potential Low Potential Preventive Therapy
Low Overall Energy 1st Priority 3rd Priority 5th Priority 7th Priority
Average/High Overall Energy 2nd Priority 4th Priority 6thPriority 8th Priority

Here are two partial Individually Sequenced Kotodama sheets: one for a biological female (20 of 253 Observations)and the other for a biological male ( 20 of 235 Observations).

Simply cut out the relevant Kotodama and hold it while listening to the Prescriptive Music from the Music Apothecary. That's it; the Prescriptive music helps to replenish the energy levels of the tissue or organ. (In the beginning it is recommended to do no more than one treatment a day.)

Once you sign up for membership you will be given access to the "Transitions Portal" where there are 64 Prescriptive Musics available for bringing energy into your systems. With Intention, (such as "What do I need in order to have abundant overall & cellular energy in my Aorta Tissue?) make sure to use the Random Song Generator (Player 2) which acts as a Prescription Generator (Player 1 lets you choose the Transition). Then simply listen (preferably with earphones) while holding the Kotodama. Passively pay attention to your inner world with eyes closed and you will sense energy shifting and adjusting.


3 Basic Plans

Package 1 includes one year membership into the Transitions Music Portal with 2 scans: one at the beginning and then the 2nd one about 100 days or so into the program at which time you will receive a new Kotodama report also.

Package 2 includes one year membership into the Transitions Music Portal with 3 scans: one scan at the beginning of each trimester at which time you will receive new Kotodama reports also. 

Package 3 includes one year membership into the Transitions Music Portal with 4 scans: one scan at the beginning of each quarter at which time you will receive new Kotodama reports also. As a bonus a free RNA/DNA scan with 376 observations, will also be provided.

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Economy Package for the do it yourselfers. Purchase a one year subscription into the Transitions Portal. Please continue to the 64 Transitions Page 

* Warning: This is not a substitute for medical treatment.
We do not prescribe, diagnose or make allopathic medical claims. 
Do not use while driving a car or operating machinery.

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